About Us

BOFY stands for Being Organic For You. It combines the essence of deep rooted organic market values with FairTrade business practices. Inspirations from FairTrade business model lends ethical means of pursuing business for team BOFY. Giving back to the society or Fair remuneration/profit sharing with organic producers are the basis of BOFY business values. Whatever the meaning be or may have become -Being organic for you is not a proposition, it is a promise.



Director of Bofy


“The best time for new beginnings, is now”

After working for 6 years in a reputed corporate, the pursuit of “giving back to the world” came into being. With BOFY, we urge to create awareness and educate masses about the useful propositions of organic products in our day-to-day lives. The idea of marketing “Organic products” was the best possible way to proceed with the thought. We introduce BOFY – Being Organic for you to the people of India. BOFY will provide new dimensions to their existing lifestyles. BOFY stores all the exclusive range of Organic brands across various product categories. The progress of online organic market in India and an increase in progressive customer base holds a lot of promise.We look forward for your relentless support for the success of this venture. 

Let’s make this world an Organic place to live in.

Mehak Jain


Co Founder of Bofy


“We must be persistent in nurturing trust and credibility for the online organic market in India”

The journey of an industry is marked by landmark innovations in various business processes or value propositions.  Online organic industry in India is pacing through a nascent stage, reaching the threshold of a magnanimous E commerce industry. While we envisage to market new value propositions to prospective buyers, the essence of marketing credibility of the organic industry remains vital for the larger good. BOFY takes a leap forward with the aggregation of certified organic products on a unified online shopping platform. 

Being Organic For You is a promise by our team to all our stakeholders.

Gaurav Budhiraja