3 Effective Steps To Introduce Organic Green Tea in Your Life

Organic green tea is considered one of the healthiest beverages and is consumed widely by people all over the globe. Besides being minimally processed, it also contains healthy chemicals which when consumed in the right manner, contribute effectively to your wellness. Following are a few points you need to remember if you are someone who consumes organic tea.

1. Drink at the right time

The ideal time to drink a cup of organic green tea would be two hours before or after you have had a meal. This will help you maximize the absorption of all the nutrients contained in your food. And although there are mostly healthy chemicals found in this tea, remember not to drink it on an empty stomach as it can affect your liver adversely.

2. Drink the right quantity

Organic green tea contains flavonoids and caffeine. These help in raising the metabolic rate and fat burning. If you’re drinking organic green tea, the amount you’re consuming must also be kept in check. Although weight loss varies based on different factors, it has been found that drinking as much as 2-3 cups per day can contribute significantly to weight loss.

3. Opt for a steam bath

Simply dip three or four tea bags in a bowl of boiling water and your organic green tea steam bath would be ready in no time. Organic green tea is known to work wonders for skin if it is included in a steam bath. It has antioxidant properties that help detoxify the skin and clean pores. Other benefits of organic green tea are its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties which contribute to the overall well-being of your skin.

So fill up your kitchen cabinets with organic green tea products and remember to incorporate these guidelines to make the most of the benefits that come with organic green tea while you also safeguard your health.

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