Are You Expecting? Here’s a Safety Guide For You This Holi.

Whether you’ve just come to know about your pregnancy or whether you’re in the third trimester, the excitement and anxiety that comes with a baby is always immense. Along with the joy and thrill of having something so special on the way, there are many things to be careful about. The festival of colours is one of the biggest festivals of the year and while you don’t have to avoid it completely, here are a few tips to stay safe!

1. Stay Away From Chemical Colours

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Also known as Gulaal, these colours can be more harmful than you would expect. These are usually synthetic colours and contain a lot of harmful chemicals such as crushed glass, lead, mica and chemical dyes. These can harm both you and your baby as the chemical ingredients can directly cause skin diseases and irritations while consuming the colour accidentally can cause premature birth or miscarriage. They can also affect reproductive organs and kidneys of you and your baby.

2. Herbal Colours

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Hence, it is always advisable to choose herbal and Organic Colours over the
commercial and chemical ones. They do not have artificial fragrances and preservatives added to them along with chemicals, which can have harmful effects.

3. What if You Ingest Colours?

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Very often, the festival can get rowdy or hectic and you can accidentally ingest some chemical or even herbal colours. This can happen on your own accord or it might be thrown on you so it is better to stay with family, who know about your pregnancy and would take care of you. In case of ingesting colour, immediately wash your mouth several times with clean water and do not try to induce vomiting. Check for signs of harm in the form of skin irritation, rashes, redness or stomach ache or discomfort. Consult a doctor immediately.

4. Celebrating With Water

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You’ve probably been thinking that you can still be around water because well, it’s water, it’s clean. But that’s probably not a good idea because you can have a major slip on the wet floor and it could have terrible consequences. Not only would you cause physical harm to yourself but it can cause a miscarriage, change in position of foetus and physical and mental disorders in the baby. Stay away from pichkaris and wet floors, at all costs.

5. Eat and Drink Safe!

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Yes, we all look forward to the holi delicacies but this time, it’s best to stay away from some of them. You already know that alcohol consumption is a strict no while pregnancy and the same goes for Bhaang too. A lot of people mix this intoxicant into the regular dishes as well so make sure you know what you’re eating. Instead, opt for some other yummy delights such as fruit salads and juices! Despite these precautions, your Holi doesn’t have to be all that boring and we’re sure you’ll have an amazing time with your family, friends and the coming bundle of joy!

While the festival of colours is just around the corner, we can already imagine the loads of delicacies piled up on plates, children’s giggles, meeting all our friends for crazy Holi parties and the air tinged with ‘gulaal‘. But wait, is that beautiful gulaal we use so happily, really all that good? Sadly, NO! The colours you usually buy from the market are synthetic colours that wreak havoc on you, your children, health and the environment. You might already have realized that these colours can cause skin problems but they have a serious impact on the environment too.

1. They Stay Around for A Long Time
The colours are synthetic, containing artificial dyes and highly structured polymers. What this means is that they are very hard for the environment to decompose naturally. Further, these are extremely toxic in nature and also cause water and soil contamination, making it difficult for plants to grow and polluting water.
2. Before It Begins 
The degradation that chemical colours cause, does not just happen when we actually play with them on Holi but it actually starts a lot earlier. The messing up starts right at the time of manufacturing these colours. Since they are chemical, they contain harmful substances such as lead, mica powder, glass powder and acids. These are added to make the colours appear more vivid and attractive. Along with this, they also have artificial fragrances. Not only does this cause air pollution, the waste chemical substances from the factories are let out into rivers and oceans and one can imagine the immense level of pollution they would cause.
3. Remember the Animals
Most people would consider Diwali the worst festival for animals since firecracker pollution and the loud noises are extremely painful for animals. But Holi is really not far behind, if even more harmful. Animals have a different skin type and often, they are a lot more sensitive and not made to bear chemical substances. Dogs and other animals are often unwillingly smeared with colours, causing skin issues for them which are un-treatable. Stray dogs are the worst victims because they might even eat the food that is thrown on the streets and if chemical colours mix with the food on the street, as they often do, it causes immense health problems.
4. The Danger For Health
 Since it is obvious that these colours have extremely harmful chemicals and do immense damage to the environment which is practically not fixable and irreversible, can you imagine the effect they have on humans? They can cause major skin allergies after coming in contact with the skin and they would be visible in the form of red bumps, rashes, irritation and burning sensation. If they get in the eyes, they could cause long term damage and other health issues if consumed during the mouth. All in all, not the prettiest picture for a festival.
So what’s the solution?
Two Words. Organic Colours. Remember how we mentioned that traditionally, colours were made from crushed flowers, fruits and vegetables? You can do the same!
Beetroot has a beautiful deep purple and magenta colour and you can either make a paste and dry it out or soak beetroot in water to make coloured water for water guns.
Use haldi for a gorgeous saffron colour and mix food colour in rice flour for the colour of your choice!
Do it the easy way, buy Organic Holi Colours here.
With just a few precautions, you can ensure that the festival is truly beautiful. Have a happy and safe Holi!

Why Organic Holi Colours Are Safer Option For Your Kids?

Who loves Holi more than kids? And when it comes to your own kid, we’re sure you’ve seen them get all excited about the festival of colors! Kids are particularly attracted to Holi and love to arm themselves with water guns, masks, hats and colors. But considering the danger in the chemicals used in the Holi colours, it would not be surprising if your kid ends up with some serious skin related issues. For such reasons and more, it is always advisable to use Organic Holi colors. Why? Let’s explore.

(1) No Chemicals

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Younger skin is supposed to be a lot sensitive than mature skin and tends to  absorb chemicals from colors which leads to rashes, allergies and skin related serious issues. Synthetic colors are wholly made up of chemicals and are clearly not suitable for your child’s skin. Even though Holi brings a lot of fun and excitement for your kid but it is considered to be one of the dangerous festivals.

(2) Eyes- Most Vulnerable Part

It is essential that you don’t let your kid put any color into their mouth or eyes. Eyes being the most sensitive part of one’s body, should be taken care of particularly. If the color enters your child’s eye, wash it with plenty of water. DO NOT let them rub the eye. It is always advisable to use organic colors and protect your kid’s eye the same way as organic colours are chemical-free
and do not cause burning or irritation even if they come in contact with eyes.

(3) Protect Them From Consumption!

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If you have a very young child, do not count out this scenario altogether. Even otherwise, the festival can get rough and in the playful tussle, your child may end up ingesting some colour orally. If this was chemical colour, it could cause serious stomach and throat issues but with organic holi colours, you can be free of any such worries.

(4) They do not harm the environment

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As boring as it sounds, you want to make your child aware about the importance of caring about the environment. The traditionally prepared organic colours have always been the preferred option, even in ancient cultures and while the commercial colours might be more vibrant, the overall satisfaction of pure and healthy products is incomparable. Your children will also find these organic colours a lot more comfortable to use and it will surely make the festival super fun for them!

We know how much you care for your kids, but there are few things that you might fail to attend to. This further becomes difficult considering the kind and amount of adulteration that goes around. Let us help you do your best. Opt for Organic Holi Colours this festival and protect your kid from any imminent harm.

Buy Organic Holi Colours Here. 

Women, This Is Why You Should Go For Organic Colors This Holi

Celebrating Holi is fun, we agree. But its after-effect on the skin is unfortunately not. By now you already know the havoc, that synthetic colors wreak on your skin, hair and health altogether. So what do you do? Stop celebrating your favorite festival and stop enjoying altogether? Well no, if you choose organic over synthetic. The harsh chemical components used in colors can put a dampener on your spirit. Here are few reasons which will convince you to swap the regular, chemical-packed colours with the naturally made, organic colours.

1.  Save Your Skin

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It is so ironic that Holi, which is a festival which celebrates nature in all
its hues and finery, and also the good over evil, is today largely celebrated with unhealthy and toxic chemicals. Hardly do you realize that in the garb of celebration, what are you exposing your skin and hair to. The mildest forms of adverse health effects include hair and skin problems like abrasions and irritation whilst the most serious forms include poisoning and cancer. A reason good enough to choose organic Holi colors this season and save yourself from all the harsh chemicals that will be pain for a long term.

2. Celebration, In Its Purest Form

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Since organic Holi colors are made up of natural ingredients, there are no harsh chemicals to deal with afterwards. Gram flour, turmeric, fuller’s earth, sandal wood powder, henna powder are common ingredients used to make organic Holi colors. Flowers like marigold and gulmohar, and vegetables like beetroot are used to create fine colors. Most of these ingredients are used in kitchens and beauty face packs. So it’s also a bonus for the skin, as they smell great and are gentle on your skin.

3. Eco-Friendly

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The artificial colors use components such as acids, mica, glass powder and alkalis that are almost impossible to decompose biologically. They tend to spread the toxic elements present in them and  pose a threat to the environment; soil & water. So, this year make a resolution to play with organic Holi colors and not harm the environment.

4. Easily Removable

Prevention Is Better Than Cure. Instead of flooding your scalp with bottles of shampoo to remove the color from your hair, better prevent the situation already. Apply ample olive oil on your hair so that rinsing off the color gets easier and use organic color instead of the artificial colors. They rinse off easily because of the natural components they are made of.

Now that you know about what Organic Colors can do for you, you could buy them here for a safer and better Holi.

Organic is not plainly about what you consume, it is a lifestyle. The lifestyle you adopt today, will affect you sooner or later. Not only you, but the environment you and your future generation live in. Swapping evil for the better is always smart.


A cup of happiness- Different types of tea lovers!

What is it for you? Regular tea, green tea, black tea, white tea, herbal tea, oolong tea, yellow tea or any sort of fermented tea? Or more like Masala Chai, Cutting Chai, Kashmeeri Kahwa etc etc? Phew! Not really an end to the horizontal and vertical choices for all the tea lovers, is there?

What type of a tea drinker are you, can you relate?


1. The Tea Snob

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No tea bags for this one, they only like tea brewed the right way; in the teapot, with just the same ingredients and the right measurement, served proper.

2. The Obsessive

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Obsession is of every kind, well the tea kind as well.

3. Tea Love Comes First

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They know their priorities, don’t they?!

4. Sugar, Yes Please!

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Sure they love lots of sweet cubes in their cuppa tea.

5. The Conversationist

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Any conversation sans a cup of tea is simply plain and incomplete.

6. The Reader-Drinker

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A nice read and a cup of tea, things can never be more sorted for this kind!

7. Better Stay Shush When They Angry!

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You kinda know how to deal with them, just stay quite and make them some tea.

8. The Time-Taker

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They like to take their time and enjoy every sip, fair enough.

9. The Quick-Drinker

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They don’t really take time to finish it as soon as served, do they?

10. The Snacker

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No! The tea is not happening without a piece of cake, cookies or at least a bite into their favorite bun.

11. The Tea-Break Group

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Break from work can only get good with a cup of tea for them.

12. The ‘Health Conscious’

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They have a different idea of tea, a healthier version indeed. Herbal Tea, green tea and what not with the right ingredients to make that cup better.

13. The All About ‘Fancy Tea’

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We all know that one person who is all about their ‘fancy tea’. Fancy mugs, fancy coasters and everything so fancy!

14. Of, course The Bed Tea

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The perfect start to a morning!

15. Perfect Starts Deserve Perfect Ends!

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That’s how they give a good end to their day, with a nicely brewed overwhelming sip!

Dear Tea Lovers, Here Are The Best Tea Brands To Look For.

  • Organic India
  • Chamong Organic
  • Deha Organic
  • Organica
  • Nature Land Organic
  • Down To Earth
  • Organicana



Oil & Ghee Are Extremely Essential For Your Health. Here’s Why.

So far, you must have come across many articles suggesting how oil and clarified butter or ‘Ghee’ as we call it is related to weight gain and obesity. What they do not mention is that it is excess intake that is the culprit. It’s time that the myths around the good foods are broken and we realize the healthy side of them. There is a proverb in Sindhi that says “what ghee can do for you, even your mother and father can’t”. Ghee and Oil are actually beneficial for you, in fact, no less than a super-food. Of course, moderation is the key. You may not believe us right away, but by the end of this article you surely will.

(1) Desi Ghee

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Ghee is often deemed by many as a hurdle in their weight loss journey. It is dismissed as fattening and unhealthy, which is indeed the case, if consumed without a portion control. Interestingly, ghee is packed with essential amino acids which help in mobilizing the fat and allowing the fat cells to shrink in size. However, we would recommend you to have a teaspoon or two of ghee per day to enjoy it in moderation.

It can be used as a ‘tadka’ to your dal or spreading a thin layer on Indian breads for a great flavour. 

Buy Organic Desi Ghee, Here.

(2) Organic Groundnut Oil

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Ground nut oil, also known as peanut oil, is good for skin, managing cholesterol levels, heart health and nervous system. This oil is commonly used in cooking for the unique flavor that it gives, particularly the roasted variety. Also, peanut oil boosts your immunity system, thus becoming a must in winters.

It is a useful all-purpose oil, especially for Asian cuisines. Since it has a high smoke point, it is best to use peanut oil for fried dishes such as french fries and also while sauteing vegetables.

Buy Organic Groundnut Oil, Here.

(3) Virgin Olive Oil

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Did you know that extra virgin olive oil is considered to be the healthiest fat on this earth? Virgin olive oil can be used in many ways such as for cooking, application on your and skin and hair, etc. Besides, substituting your regular refined oil with Virgin Olive Oil means reducing the risk of heart diseases and taking a step towards making yourself a little more healthier.

It is best used as a seasoning, such as for adding to pastas and salads along with the dressings and even without heat, it gives off a subtle flavour.

Buy Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Here.

(4) Organic Mustard Oil

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“It’s just an oil”, you would think. Well, mustard oil is not just like any other oil you use in your cooking. It is a true superhero. Mustard oil may help reduce the risk of cancer and is a natural stimulant, relieving cold and cough. Also, it can ease joint pains and arthritis and helps heal chapped lips. Because of so many benefits derived from organic mustard oil, we are sure you wouldn’t mind swapping your regular refined oil with this better one.

You should not use mustard oil for all of your dishes, but it works especially well for deep frying. So whenever you’re preparing those classic Indian dishes such as pakodas, mustard oil is your best pick.

Buy Organic Mustard Oil, Here.

(5) Organic Coconut Oil

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To date, there is a plethora of information as to why organic coconut oil is believed to be the healthiest food on this planet. The benefits and uses of Organic Coconut Oil go way beyond what most of you usually know. Also, coconut oil is really easy to digest for your body so it is a great option to be used for cooking. Apart from healthy skin and hair, organic coconut oil reduces the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure. If you are planning to switch to organic coconut oil, then now is the right time.

It is one of those unique oils which can be used while baking, roasting and frying so feel free to experiment by adding it to some dishes and discover a unique flavour. You can also spread a thin layer on top of breads or add it to some beverages for a delicious flavour.

Buy Organic Coconut Oil, Here.

Best Brands For:

1. Organic Desi Ghee

  • Organic India
  • Nature Land
  • Praakritik Organic

2. Organic Groundnut Oil

  • Nature Land
  • Down To Earth

3. Organic Virgin Olive Oil

  • Down To Earth

4.  Organic Mustard Oil

  • Down To Earth
  • Organic india

5. Organic Coconut Oil

  • Down To Earth

Health Benefits Of Chyawanprash

Until now, you may have already tried and tested many measures for a healthy lifestyle, but have you checked your shelf well? There lies something basic and crucial.  We are talking about Chyawanprash. Believer of traditional methods of Ayurveda or not, the benefits of Chyawanprash are beyond any scope of doubt. The taste, aroma and brownish-black hue comes from the ingredients used in Chyawanprash. Authentic Chyawanprash includes amla, many herbs and spices as its ingredients. A little more about the know-hows of one super-scoop Of Chyawanprash.

1. Aids in Purifying Blood & Keeping Skin Radiant

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Contrary to what many people think, applying beauty products externally is just not enough. What you consume reflects on your skin. What makes Organic Chyawanprash good for skin is the presence of certain herbs in it, that benefits your skin. So, in a way, eating Chywanprash helps you thwart signs of aging to an extent. Also, lately because of the unhealthy eating habits, body tends to absorb excess of toxins, which also hampers blood purification process. Organic Chyawanprash helps internal detoxification and cleansing.

2. Enhances Digestive System

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If you have a weak digestive system, a scoop of Chyawanprash regularly may enhance it. It helps streamline bowel movements and digestion of foods. The cinnamon and amla in the formulation of Chywanprash are really vital for a good digestive system. Also, it helps prevent constipation, a condition affecting the major part of the population. A lot of people lack energy in doing daily chores, it also provides energy to sail through the daily chores without feeling fatigued.

3. Consumption

Image Source

Chyawanprash is ideal for both kids and adult. Most people prefer consuming it in winters, but as a matter of fact, it must be included in your routine all year round. Ideally, a scoop of Chyawanprash must be consumed early morning and before bed. Though it is recommended that you consume it with luke warm milk but you could take it on empty stomach as well. It is healthy either ways.

4. Storage

Image Source

The shelf life of Organic Chyawanprash is ideally 1-3 years. It’s not mandatory to keep your jar of Chyawanprash in a refrigerator but try keeping it in a cool dry place. Keep the container tightly closed and avoid contact with any moisture

Some Instructions

Though Chyawanprash has a lot of health benefits but there are certain points that one must keep in mind while buying it. While it will boost your immunity levels, but when it comes to diabetic patients, they must not eat beyond the allowed dosage plus the only type of Chyawanprash they should consume is organic. Also, Chyawanprash contains ghee, but as long as you take it in the recommended dosage, it should not lead to any health problem.

Buy your all-rounder health tonic, here.

Best Organic Chyawanprash Brand In India

Organic India

Many Shades Of Quinoa- The Super Food Has Got Super Recipes

Quinoa pronounced as “KEEN-wah” is one of the healthiest food items. One of the most protein-rich foods and contains almost twice as much fiber as most other grains among other things. For those of you wondering what Quinoa is basically, it is a grain crop grown for it’s edible seeds.

What is better than Quinoa? Organic Quinoa. It’s very versatile. You could shape it into any recipe you find most tempting and opt for a healthy life and certainly, tastier too.

(1) Quinoa Vegetable Salad

Image Source

As delicious as it seems and sounds, this one recipe will be your go to go recipe this season. Follow these simple steps & you can make your own organic quinoa salad in few minutes. Firstly, put some water in a pot and place some quinoa in it, cover it & bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for about 15 minutes, until the grains become translucent. Drain any remaining water from quinoa and refrigerate until cold. Chop your favorite vegetables and add some chilled quinoa. After adding quinoa, you may top it up with your favorite seasonings like mint, salt and black pepper. In some easy steps, you are ready to go all healthy.

Everything you need, from Organic Salt to Organic Black Pepper, Bofy has got them for you.

(2) Quinoa Pancakes

Image Source

Sounds weird and fancy at the same time? Well of course, we usually don’t hear this term in our day to day life. This one dish made with organic quinoa might turn out to be your favorite once you try.  The recipe is similar like any other pancake, just the ingredients get healthier, and certainly better. The main ingredients of this dish are organic quinoa, water, garlic, organic salt, egg whites, organic extra virgin olive oil, spinach leaves and salsa. It’s a healthy low calorie way to add flavors without that one bit of extra fat!

Get your Extra Virgin Olive Oil, here.

(3) Quinoa Pudding

Image Source

YES! Quinoa pudding is a “thing” which you are going to love as a dessert. Quinoa pudding is more like rice pudding but in this one, organic quinoa is the most vital ingredient. All that you need: milk, bananas, sugar, salt and quinoa of course. Pour the milk mixture into the saucepan with the quinoa after rinsing and draining it well and bring it to boil and blend together all the ingredients until smooth. Place the pan over medium heat. Cook and stir until the mixture becomes thick and creamy, 5 to 10 minutes are good. Remove from the heat.

It can be flavored with organic cinnamon, vanilla, orange, coconut and even organic raisins.

We got the Organic Cinnamon and Organic Raisins for you.

(4) Spicy Quinoa & Sweet potatoes

Image Source

One of the go to go vegetables in winters is “sweet potato” and having it with organic quinoa is a healthy treat in itself. All you need to do is boil the sweet potatoes. Chop your favorite vegetables and heat them in a pan with extra virgin olive oil and add sweet potatoes. After you are done, mix your sweet
potato mixture to your organic quinoa, then add some lime juice
and toss, sprinkle organic salt as per your taste. In some simple
steps, you are ready to go.

Top 3 Quinoa Brands In India

Nourish You Quinoa

Organic India Quinoa

Nature Land Quinoa



Healthier Substitutes For Your Favourite Food

Craving for good food is natural, it’s only fair. Won’t we be robots on a diet otherwise? But of course you cannot give into craving thoughtlessly, not a very smart thing to do, specially when you are trying to maintain a healthy routine. So about satisfying the craving without slightly cheating on your health or compromising with your demanding taste buds? Healthy substitutes  are the right way to do it. What are these substitutes?

(1) Organic Pasta


Image Source

Always a Pasta person? No worries. Opt for whole wheat or whole grain organic pasta to satisfy your Pasta cravings. It is always a better option than the regular pasta, thanks to the extra fiber in whole grain or whole wheat Pasta, which makes it more filling. Pasta stands incomplete without the seasoning, so why compromise with that too?

Buy your favourite Organic Pasta and choice of Organic Seasoning here.

(2) Organic Dark Chocolate

Image Source

We all love taking guilt trips. Don’t we? Organic dark chocolate is what we call guilt-less pleasure. It is loaded with nutrients that can optimistically affect your health. Made from the seed of the cocoa tree, it is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet. So next time whenever you are craving chocolates, you know you have a health substitute with a variety of flavors.

You could find your favourite flavour of indulgence here.

(3) Organic Soup

Image Source

This season, organic soup should be your new best friend! Soup always makes for an easy comfort food, especially when it’s chilly outside. Besides, it may really do your body and soul some good. Organic soup can be a simple addition and may fulfill your craving before dinner or lunch. Surely, it’s the best way to keep yourself healthy and full with your favorite flavor.

Buy your favorite flavor of soup here.

(4) Whole Wheat Pancakes

Image Source

Most people enjoy a stack of pancakes for breakfast, but if you are
trying to stay healthier, you may consider organic whole wheat
pancakes. The basic ingredients are organic whole wheat flour, salt,
eggs, milk and oil with your favorite toppings and some fruits. The fiber
in organic whole wheat helps you feel full, thereby aiding in weight management. Top them with organic honey or even melted dark chocolate with some fruits and you are ready to go.

Use Organic Whole Wheat Flour, Organic Honey and Organic Dry Fruits for a healthier indulgence.

(5) Oatmeal cookies

Image Source

A soft oatmeal cookie right out of the oven is a tasty treat that can also be nutritious. Made with organic oats, particularly those containing dried fruits such as organic raisins, dates, walnuts etc, can provide a sweet fix without contributing too much fat or sugar to your diet. So, if you are a person who loves to eat cookies, organic oatmeal cookies are going to be some tasty treat to munch on!

To buy Organic Oats, click here.

Following a good healthy regime does not always have to be testing, you can still enjoy your life with these super healthy and tasty options that will keep you going.

Searching for quick weight loss foods? Try these tasty organic snacks

Are you looking for quick weight loss foods to include as snacks in your diet plan? If yes, you are right on money!

Drinking enough water, exercising and eating right are three sure-fire ways to good health and weight management. Snacking in-between meals is a part of your routine, but are you snacking the right way?

Snacks having high-fiber content and low carbs are ideal for keeping your weight in check and even reduce it!

Essential alteration in your lifestyle, inclusion of physical activities can be very effective in attaining that shape you desire, but most importantly, eating right is the best way to make that sure.

Here are some of the organic food options that you might want to include in your quick weight loss diet plan as healthy snacks!

Organic Dark Chocolate for Weight Loss

Image Source

Chocolate-lovers, pay attention! Organic dark chocolate is associated with a lot of health benefits. Chocolates and gaining weight is a myth! When enjoyed in small quantities as a snack, it helps lower your blood pressure and increase circulation.

It is even helpful in improving metabolism and controlling appetite. No wonder eating dark chocolate for weight loss is the best thing that the sweet-tooths among us would relish.

Buy Organic Dark Chocolate here.

Organic Puffed Rice for Weight Loss

Image Source

Organic puffed rice or murmure tops our list of healthy Indian snacks for weight lossIt is low in calories, fat-free and sodium-free. The cereal also contains small amounts of essential minerals, including iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. Its high glycemic index means it gets digested and absorbed easily.

You can buy Organic Rice Murmure from here

Organic Peanuts for Weight Loss

Image Source

Organic peanuts are packed with nutrients, including fiber, protein and heart-healthy fats. Protein even helps your body burn extra calories. Organic peanuts are more effective than regular peanuts bought from local store. Organic peanuts are always a good option for munching in your free time, when hunger pangs strike!

Shop for Organic Peanuts here.

Organic Chana for Weight Loss

Image Source

If you are looking for quick weight loss foods that are light on the pocket too, look no further. Organic chana is one of the most popular snacks eaten in India. It is an amazing source of protein, fiber, minerals, folate and fatty acids that promote good health in numerous ways.

Besides, it is also very low in calories and can satisfy  the hunger in slight consumption. Organic chana is one of those traditional healthy Indian snacks for weight loss that are gaining popularity all over the world really fast. 

Buy Organic Chana from here.

Organic Walnuts for Weight Loss

Image Source

Most quick weight loss diet plans underestimate the value of walnuts because of their high calorie input. However, their benefits are obvious, they are nutritious and can keep you full for a long time.

Organic walnuts usually contain high quantity of good fatty acids like Omega-3 which are good for your heart. People who have been suffering from diseases and lost drastic weights are always advised on consuming organic walnuts.  And as a matter of fact, they are filling too and work as a good snack making them one of the best quick weight loss foods.

Buy Organic walnuts from here.

Weight management is not about quitting your favourite food, it has never been about it. It is about consuming your favourite food more smartly.

Which one of these products have your tried before? Leave your answer in the comments below.