Greensense Organic Bangal Gram Flour (Besan) - 500 g

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Bengal gram is called Chickpea or Gram in South Asia, Bengal gram is a major pulse crop in India. The majority production takes place in north & central India during winter season and it is harvested in March-April. It accounts for nearly 40% of the total pulse production. Bengal gram is widely appreciated as health food, consumed in many forms such as Whole, after de shelling as Dal and also flour popularly known as Besan. It is a protein-rich supplement to cereal-based diets. Commonly known as  Kalla Chana in India, chickpeas are a part of the vegetarian diet. The seeds are excellent sources of protein. There are generally two varieties of chickpeas,  desi and  kabuli . The  desi variety comprises of darker smaller seeds having a rough outer covering whereas the  kabuli variety are comparatively larger light colored beans with a smoother coat. Being an extremely versatile legume, it is widely used in a variety of Middle Eastern and Indian dishes like falafels, hummus and curries as well as salads, soups and stews or even as a quick snack. In addition to their delicious nut like taste and buttery texture, black chickpeas are extremely beneficial for health. They are quite useful in weight loss. Black chickpeas are rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber. The fiber fills up the stomach, making us feel satiated for longer and curbs hunger cravings. Being a rich source of iron, black chickpeas can prevent anemia and boost your energy levels. This is particularly beneficial for pregnant or lactating women as well as for growing children.
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