Greensense Organic Red Chilli Powder, 12-15K (Lal Mirchi) - 100 g

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Red chilli or  Lal mirchi Powder is a dried and grounded powder of more than one kind of Red chillies. It adds a pungent flavour and contributes its red colour to the dish, and is as vital as salt in Pan-Asia cuisines. Lal Mirchi is as indispensable in Indian and many other cuisines as Salt. It is used in curries, soups, sausages & stews and has a significant importance in all culinary preparations. Mostly it is fried in oil in initial stages of cooking to give an underling hot & spicy flavour to the delicacy. It is a powerhouse spice with high medicinal value and nutrition. Adding a pinch to your everyday food is advisable for good health. Rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C it is a great Detoxifier and boosts metabolism to stream nutrients to the tissues.

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